Cipango : Jetty meets VoIP

SIP extension to Jetty

Cipango is a SIP Servlets extension to the popular Jetty HTTP Servlet engine. Cipango/Jetty is then a convergent SIP/HTTP Application Server compliant with both SIP Servlets 1.1 and HTTP Servlets 2.5 standards. It also features a Diameter extension to develop IMS applications.

Cipango shares many of Jetty goals and is designed to be simple to use, flexible and highly performant. It can be used for convergent HTTP/SIP applications and is also able to support any kind of SIP-only applications such as :

  • Subscriber communications applications : presence, call forward and screening, rich-media services, conferencing, instant messaging, contact centers …
  • Network functions : rich call control access, protocol translation, intelligent routing and logging …

Cipango comes also with kaleo, a sample proxy/registrar and presence server application intending to get you started easily.

Background about Cipango

We have been involved in SIP Servlets from the very beginning as members of the JSR 116 and 289 and had been developing several large-scale SIP Servlets applications on commercial SIP Servlets application servers. At one point, mainly because of flexibility and reliability issues, we felt a need to run these applications on our own application server.

After a few experiments with open source servlet engines and SIP stacks, we came upon Jetty and became quickly great fans of its principles and architecture. Cipango tries then to follow these principles, in particular the SIP stack is not a generic one and is based directly on SIP Servlets. Also, we follow several design patterns we had been using when developing traditional telco platforms in a former life since the main goal of cipango was to be a predictable and reliable call processing platform.

Cipango is a former name for Japan. A close name was first chosen by a couple of friends who developed a SIP Servlets prototype at the very beginning of JSR 116. Since the project came to a too early end, we reused the name to pay tribute to the original team (both projects have nothing else in common).

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